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MA Provider was established in September 2010 through funding received for the SCAN Project from the Lombardia Region’s FIMSER Fund for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Service Sector supporting the creation of new businesses that produce innovative or turnkey services.

The MA Provider mission is to contribute to the creation of a constantly-updated vision of the continually evolving dynamics in healthcare and the development of turnkey projects that help private companies and institutions create  value by the integrating the needs of the patient with those of the National Health Service for the most cost effective resource management.

Over the years, MA Provider has completed added-value projects for the Italian National Health Service (SSN) by working with institutions and scientific organizations, in this way acquiring credibility and independence of judgment.

The MA Provider Rome office dedicated  specifically to Public & Government Affairs and Communication has been open since March, 2015. Continuously growing in step with the growth in the  business, the team now works with markets elsewhere in Europe as well. 

We have been the Italian partner of the Minerva international Network of leading international independent  Market Access companies  since 2016.

Our news offices have two capacious meeting rooms equipped with the most advanced technologies

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Milan Headquarter:
Largo Guido Donegani, 2 - 20121 Milano
Milan Office:
Foro Buonaparte, 12 - 20123 Milano
Via Vincenzo Monti, 3 - 20123 Milano
T +39 02 89096682
F +39 02 89098927
P.I/C.F. 07135170962

Mail info@maprovider.com
PEC maprovider@legalmail.it

Rome Office:
Piazza di San Salvatore in Lauro 10 - 00186 Roma
T +39 06 68806614
F +39 06 68806614


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