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MA Provider designs and implements Real World Evidence studies according to Company needs and Product lifecycles: high-quality, made-to-order RWE delivered promptly for both rare and common diseases.

MA Provider is currently certified ISO 27001 for the design and provision of RWE (Real World Evidence) projects; outcome research projects based on clinical and administrative databases; observational studies and ISO 9001 for public health consultancy.
Following preliminary assessments made together with the client, the RWE Department develops the most appropriate drawing for the objectives requested and proposes the most reliable Real World Data (RWD) sources and shares them with the client.
MA Provider conducts its RWE studies rapidly, and informs the client of the state of progress every  step of the way.

MA Provider stands beside the client in defining and enhancing results through publications, presentations at conferences, entering the  data in regional and national dossiers and in the Product’s Value Proposition.



We design and conduct retrospective studies through the analysis of administrative and clinical databases in order to determine the incidence, prevalence, and patient flow of the pathologies in question.

Our contacts and expertise in analyzing administrative and/or clinical databases allow us to reconstruct the real world diagnostic-therapeutic processes undergone by  patients suffering from all the most common pathologies, even rare  diseases.

Pharmaceutical product use
Analysis of the use of drugs at both Territorial and Hospital level permits the description of not only consumption but also the appropriateness of the use of the drug, continuation of treatment, and respect of guidelines.

Burden of Disease
What is any pathology’s impact in terms of economic costs, mortality, and morbidity. Our core skills in health economy and RWE permit the determination of Burden of Illness for the preparation of P&R dossiers, and PTOR/PTO dossiers and publications, etc. 



Rare diseases, hematology-oncology pathologies, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disease are our areas of greatest expertise


  • Epidemiology of Breast Cancer (BC)


  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) management costs: retrospective analysis of a regional db
  • Multiple Myeloma (MM) symptomatic patient flow: retrospective analysis of a clinical db

Rare diseases:

  • Evaluation of healthcare costs of a renal rare disease in Italy – multicenter retrospective study


  • HCV patient management and related healthcare costs


  • Safety of a new drug in real world practice




“Real World Data e Real World Evidence:  

considerazioni e proposte

da un network di Società Scientifiche”,

Presented in Rome on April 27, 2017

Propositional document for an organizational data management  model capable of facilitating RWE research, the constructive use of Real World Data (RWD) in making appropriate healthcare decisions and contributing to qualifying Italy as one of the most advanced nations in the field. 

Click here to download the document


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