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The MAP tool has the objective of providing the Market Access area with a work framework for the definition, implementation, and monitoring of a national and regional market access plan.



The Plan is composed of 4 areas of interest (Stakeholder Map, Access Plan, National Drug Code and Balanced Scorecard), each with different purposes:

  • Permits the timely mapping of the leading reference stakeholders
  • Provides business units with Market Access Plan (MAP) monitoring and synthesis tools
  • Enables synthesis at national, regional, and local level of the times required for listing in National Drug Codes
  • Its pronounced flexibility allows it to be easily customized to the needs of the client because the various modules can also be used separately



The instrument’s web-based version allows access to be differentiated by user need:

  • Level 1 User: can see and modify all the information present in the tool and detail cards with all analysis sheet activities
  • Level 2 User: can modify detail cards by adding, modifying, and removing single activities while consulting the summary cards for only his or her own region(s).







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