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Market Analysis
MA Provider helps customers understand new markets and diseases, supporting patient access by defining key drivers, stakeholders and leverage in advance to create a strong market access plan

Stakeholder mapping
Disease landscape
Advisory Board
MA Provider supports affiliates and headquarters in the pricing and negotiation process. We strongly believe that success in this area starts from lean and effective pricing strategy based on payer country needs followed by the development of dossiers capable of effectively illustrating the value added by the technology and not only the value proposition. MAP works with a standardized and continuously improving model as a true partner, also leading the negotiation whenever requested with a strong track record of results in this area

Pricing strategy
Forecasting models
Open Aifa
Company budget
Forecasting models
Mock negotiation
National dossier 
National dossier revision
Quantitative pricing research

Health Economics
MA Provider offers support in the definition, implementation, and adaptation of health economics models: Cost Effectiveness/Cost Utility analysis, Budget Impact analysis, and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) reports, working directly in the editing and publishing of articles in Italian and English with guaranteed respect for the deadlines set.

Model adaptation/fill in
Cost collection
Budget impact model creation
Cost-effetiveness (CE) model creation
Expert validation
Literature review
Article preparation
HTA report
MA Provider designs, conducts, and implements Real World Evidence studies structured to client needs through database analysis and the construction of multicentric prospect or retrospective studies. Because they generate evidence useful in decision-making processes, we believe that RWE studies must be conducted in ways that guarantee high quality and rapid results. MA Provider informs the client of the work’s state of progress at each step, and then provides support in enhancing the results (through publications, presentations at congresses, entering the data in national and regional dossiers and in the Product’s Value Proposition). MAP has had a cooperation agreement with Milano-Bicocca (UniMiB) University and Prof. Giovanni Corrao for administrative database analysis since 2016.

Epidemiological analysis
Population studies
Effectiveness studies
Safety studies
Analysis of the use of pharmaceuticals and respect of therapeutic guidelines
Cost analysis
Analysis of diagnostic-therapeutic pathways (PDTA)
Illness cost studies
National Market Access
MA Provider supports companies in developing strategic approaches to market access for new technologies in order to communicate added value to the target selected through the most effective channels. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes in order to outline the real benefits of the technology and find convincing ways to transmit them to customers.

Communication strategy for MA
Communication materials for MA
Value proposition development (VP)
VP validation and training
App development for VP
Position paper
National event
Public Affairs
MA Provider develops and applies targeted Public Affairs plan in central and local frameworks as required by the corporate/branding dimension or specific company issues.  After conducting preparatory evaluations together with the client, the Public Affairs Department begins its strategic analysis of the reference segment’s regulatory and institutional  framework and shares it with the client in order to identify the most appropriate areas of intervention for the submittal of company petitions or positions to decision-makers and stakeholders. MA Provider stands by its client every step of the way in ethically and effectively defining and enhancing the presentation of dossiers and other position papers on critical points/opportunities in the sector.

Legislative and Regulatory Drafting 
Coalition building
Influencer analysis
Parlamentary Scouting
Stakeholder mapping
Istitutional events
Strategic marketing
Position paper
Policy brief
Issue report
MA Provider conducts effective and efficient corporate and product communication campaigns on the basis of its consolidated experience, thanks also to the constant collaboration agreements with the sector’s leading  print media. MA Provider also designs and implements specific training and updating courses for managers operating in communications and press offices.

Press office
Media relations
Press release
Press conference
Media tutorial
Press lunch/dinner
Regional Market Access
We think that gaining an overall vision of regional healthcare models and decision-making processes governing access to pharmacological therapies as up-to-date as possible is a fundamental requisite in understanding the diversity and complexity of public health and healthcare in Italy. MA Provider supports its clients in defining and implementing Market Access strategies, instruments and tactics at regional level.

Regional Dossier
Regional Advisory Board 
Regional Problem Solving
Regional access plan
Patient Advocacy
MA Provider has been working with Patients’ Association (also pro bono) for years now, helping them develop roles of their own in the wide world of healthcare and increase their credibility and  visibility through the clear and strategic construction of the needs of different patients, the development of balanced, evidence-based positions, and the use of human kindness.  The truth is that today’s patients demand patience.

Patient association strategy
Patient association organization support
Patient association brief
Patient association communication support
Patient event
MA Provider supports companies in the drafting and monitoring of national and regional access plans through the mapping of the leading stakeholders, the construction of market access tools (web-based or in Excel format) drawn to the company’s specific needs, the monitoring of the KPI identified, and the updating of the tools.

Stakeholder mapping
Market Access Plan-excel based
Market Access Plan-web based
Dinamic access tool
Progetti Monitoraggio KPI
Aggiornamento file
MA Provider organizes general training programs, such as its Pricing Workshop or “Market Access Academy”, a format that has been working since 2011, and also other formats expressly structured to specific company needs and changing market conditions. Training topics extend to both general market aspects such as Market Access Strategy, Pricing, Health Economics and HTA, Public health and Pharmaceutical law, Patient Advocacy, Company budgets and the Grade System, and to organizational subjects as well, including the Construction of a Market Access plan and Market Access structures, and are oriented to differing company roles (market access, medicinals, marketing, sales).

Training by topic
Personalized training by company or role
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